Welcome to the lands of Ærethia.

A post-apocalyptic world 3000 years after the event. Cloud Elves have overtaken the world as the dominant race in the western continents. While many cities have been built and populations have partially rebounded, there is still much of the world that is wild. A region in known as Ember Sands remains a desolate wasteland of ruins.

The world was cut off from the other planes of existence immediately following the war. Most alive now do not believe that the other planes even exist if they even do.

In these days so long after the Day of Embers, humans are still distrusted and sometimes outright antagonized but the exact memory of why has faded. Even the memories of dragons as the threat to the world they were is no longer in the general consciousness.


Location: Kuridu Current Date: Istenarum 1st 3322 Temperature: 77°F Precipitation: Light Rain Wind: 17mph SW

Website Change Log

2024 May 22
Lots of minor bug fixes.
2023 Jun 15
Added grid views and settings to determine the default view for each.
2023 Jun 08
Added Favorites
2023 May 30
Added User Accounts
At the moment the only feature of the user account is that you can view secrets sent to you by selecing your name → Account.

If there are unread secrets, a badge will appear next to your name with the number of unread secrets you have.

2023 May 26
Several content updates
2023 May 24
Changed navigation to be able to handle more content.
  • Updated the calendar to work better on mobile
  • Fixed the summaries not expanding
2023 May 18
Added a dynamic calendar
2023 Apr 05
Updated the menus due to the huge number of items under Lore.
2023 Mar 26
Added Idioms and reorganized the menu.
2023 Mar 11
Added the ability to add and edit summaries
2023 Mar 05
Restaraunt menus will now change each in-game date.
2023 Feb 28
Updated the Combat Tracker.
Updated the Change Log
  • Change name dropdown into a search
  • Allow loading of precreated combat trackers
2023 Feb 26
Added the Trainer class